Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fresh Flowers Cake

It's been a while since I entered a cake contest, the last time was a cupcake contest back in March 2009.  This time around, it actually wasn't a "cake" contest... but I thought making a cake just might win it.

Earlier this month, BlogTO, in partnership with the Royal Ontario Museum, held a photography contest to Win a free iPad2.  The theme was based off of David Hockney's Fresh Flowers exhibit which features Hockney's and also hundreds of other artist's sketches displayed on iPhones and iPads.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to compete in a photography contest, but after looking through some of his sketches, it inspired me to create a cake!  Here is the photo that I chose:
Here is my contest submission:  Fresh Flowers in cake and sugar!
I had so much fun with this concept.  It reminded me of a wedding that was held at an artists' gallery last year and the wedding cake design was inspired by one of the paintings.

A few days before Christmas, I found out that I WON the iPad!  I was so excited and I can't wait to see the ROM exhibit.  Since it was an online contest, I also got to enjoy the 4-layer vanilla butter cake. :-)


Pink Little Cake said...

The cake is awesome Juanita, looks just like the picture! Congratulations, what a Christmas gift you got.

Zucchero incantato said...

Congratulations Juanita!!!! You won because it's a gourgeous cake!!!! Simply a masterpiece!!! ciao, Tina

Deeva said...

Congrats on your win Juanita. Great work!

Unknown said...

That's a brilliant cake! What an idea. Now that is inspiration! Congrats. Very well deserved =)

sofĂ­a said...

¡Que pasada de tartas! parecen de mentira. Son preciosas Saludos