Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guest Post: Faithy Bakes from Singapore

Today's post is part of our bi-weekly Guest Post: 5 Pics Series.  We feature multi-talented cake designers from all over the world that I have met online.

Today's guest post comes from Faithy Bakes in Singapore.  She started baking in 2008 when she renovated her kitchen and her husband bought her an oven, as they didn't have one before.   Faithy then began her first blog: diary of Faithy, the amateur baker.  Then she started cake decorating in 2009 when she made her daughter's birthday cake.  I remember watching her portfolio of cakes grow and leaving her a comment that she really should drop the word "amateur" :-)

You can follow her wonderful cakes, cupcakes, cookies and macaroons at her new blog Faithy Bakes.  Here is a selection of some of her cakes.

#1 - Everything handmade, handpainted and edible
 #2 - More 3D Cake Fun
#3 - Defying Gravity
 #4 - So Cute
 #5 - For the Jewelry Lover
To follow Faithy and her wonderful creations:


Cake Fixation said...

I love those cakes!!!

Barbara said...

The details on the cakes are so amazing.

Cherry said...

Amateur? I don't think so. These are awesome!

Pink Little Cake said...

I love her work, her cakes are amazing!! So happy to see her cakes here in your blog.

Dhanya Ganesh said...

Very Nice Cakes ...:)

Coco Cake Land said...

faithy is the sweetest, and makes the MOST AMAZING designs! she is inspiring and always so kind and encouraging to all!!! yay faithy!

Milwaukee Birthday Party Entertainer said...

Great cake ideas. I perform at a lot of birthdays each year, and I love to be able to pass on ideas or links to ideas like this.

Hello said...

I love the food inspired cake, the cake with the burger and noodles. That is very impressive x