Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1st Birthday: Baby Einstein Cake

Baby Einstein is such fun and colorful theme.  This cake was for a 1st birthday.  I get a lot of inquiries for this design which I posted back in March and September.
This cake feeds about 35 people.  The top tier was chocolate velvet with chocolate buttercream and the bottom tier was Banana Sour Cream with chocolate buttercream.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

80th Birthday: Sewing Machine Cake

When I booked this cake order 6 months ago, I was so excited for the challenge.  I pondered over and over how I could make this a sturdy cake that needed to travel 3 hours to its destination.  I don't like to use too many inedible supports or non-cake items, but I have learned in the past that gravity always wins.
This cake was assembled onto a finely engineered cake stand with 2 wooden boards and 3 dowels.   A very small amount of rice crispy treats was also used.  All decorations are edible and handmade out of sugarpaste.  The cake was gluten-free chocolate cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream - approx. 20 servings.
Here are some matching cupcakes: strawberry vanilla with strawberry buttercream.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Car Cakes: A VW and an Audi

Who wouldn't want a cake of their car?  I love getting requests for cars because it is always a surprise and you can really personalize it for that person.  And the front view of the car always looks like a big smile!

This VW was for a surprise 30th birthday for a guy who loves his VW and of course, his dog.   His wife was planning the surprise for about 6 months ahead - and it worked!

This Audi was also for a surprise birthday.  His fiance requested a cake his car and a sugarpaste figure of him with his best friend.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1950's Cakes: The King is Back... in Cake!

A couple months back, a client ordered a 1950's-themed cakes for her grandmother's 70th birthday party: A bust of Elvis and something poodle-themed.  I have never made a "head" before and pondered for many weeks how I would actually do this.  I wanted it to be realistic, sturdy and not use too many inedible supports.  And I did NOT want the head laying flat.

The party was a few weeks back, I'm happy to say that he was sturdy and I only used three dowels to separate the 2 cake tiers.  He may not look exactly like Elvis, but I was pretty happy with my first "head" - although, I don't like the thought of anyone cutting into it....

My client said the cakes were a hit!  Her grandmother didn't have the heart to cut into it and the poodle cake fed everyone.  As of last week, it is still sitting in her basement cold storage.... which I wouldn't want to bump into late at night because I'm sure it would scare me every time :-)

Elvis "In Progress" -  I started with 5 layers of vanilla cake iced with Swiss Meringue Buttercream.
Then, I started to carve the cake... yes, he now looks like Chewbacca...
He's starting to come to life with a bit more carving and some more buttercream.
And now sporting a new look - kinda Zorro-ish.... Such a fun cake!