Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guest Post: Rafael Logrono Cake Design from Philadelphia

Today's post is part of our bi-weekly Guest Post: 5 Pics Series.  We feature multi-talented cake designers from all over the world that I have met online.

Today's guest post comes from a young cake designer, Rafael Logrono, from Azucar, a custom cake shop located in Philadelphia, PA. Rafael has had cake decorating in his blood ever since he was born when his mother began selling cakes.  Several years ago, Rafael starting designing his own cakes and his 8th grade teacher placed an order back in November 2008.  Yes, if you add that up - he is a very talented 18 year old!

Since then, his cake portfolio has really expanded, he's been featured in Cake Central magazine, competed in many cake competitions, won several awards and will be teaching several classes in 2012.  Here is a sampling of some of his work:

 #1 - Stunning Beauty!
#2 - So  Creative, so Elegant
#3 - Something Funky
#4 - Tall and Striking
#5 - Very Chic!
To see more of Rafael's wonderful cake designs:
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Bediels & Co. (Jen) said...

They are all gorgeous, but I especially love the first cake. Those rounded tiers are amazing!

Jenniffer said...

Rafael is SO talented and has such a bright future ahead of him! When will we be seeing him on Food Network Challenge??

Barbara said...

That is amazing and he is only 18 years old.

Anonymous said...

True talent. Such variety in his work, versatility in the art of cake!

If only I had one of his cakes for my wedding! Instead, our cake came in 3 pieces and one of my friends had to put it together. But, that's another story all together!

Great post.

Elen said...

Just wow!

coffee canada said...

#4 looks absolutely astonishing. I think my fiance no longer gets to choose the wedding cake.

Rafael Logrono said...

I just saw these comments! Thank you guys so much! They brought a smile to my face :)