Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guest Post: Cake Fixation from Redmond, Washington

Today's post is part of our bi-weekly Guest Post: 5 Pics Series.  We feature multi-talented cake designers from all over the world that I have met online.

Today's guest post comes from Stephanie, owner of Cake Fixation in Redmond, Washington.  She was always interested in baking, then in 2008 she launched her cake design studio and her blog.  Originally from Dallas, Texas, she learned from great cake designers such as Bronwen Webber, Colette Peters, Nicolas Lodge, and Debbie Brown.

She loves trying new things and creating over-the-top designs that are completely edible too!  You should also check out some of the helpful tutorials.
#1 - Bold and Elegant
 #2 - 3D Fun
 #3 - Very cool 3D that also breathes fire!
 #4 -Whimsical Birthday
 #5 - Super Cute!
 To follow Stephanie and see more of her wonderful creations:


Barbara said...

Nice cakes. Barb

Cake Fixation said...

You are very sweet to include me, Juanita! Thank you!