Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Max & Ruby Cake

Last weekend, I made this fun Max & Ruby cake for a little girl who was turning 2. The cake was 4 layers of chocolate velvet cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream decorated with handmade sugarpaste decorations.

A couple weeks before the party, the mother called to order a second "plain" cake as there would be actually be 2 parties. She would just move over the sugarpaste decorations to the plain cake on party #2.

It was not a problem to do a plain cake.... however, I discovered that I actually cannot make a plain cake. I still had to dress it up with some decorations - this must be some sort of illness... I can't let a cake out of my studio without any decorations. :-) Have a look at my "plain" cake posted below.

btw - I should also mention that my inspiration for this cake came from a wonderful blog called the Frosted Cake n' Cookie.

Cake Decorators Tip: Sometimes it is hard to sculpt something that is a cartoon character and make sure they have a likeness and are cute. For Max and Ruby, I found a picture of cute 3D stuffed animal picture of them to use as my guide.


veggievixen said...

both cakes are adorable. i know tons of kids who love max & ruby. hehe. i love the picnic scene! and the tiny ice cream cone. so cute.

heather said...

My daughter would love both the cakes! I love both the cakes!

julie desmeules said...

My kids love them, good job on the figurines!

Anonymous said...

what a great job on the characters!