Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank You

It's been quite an exciting few days. After my interview with the Canadian Press last week, I appeared in the Toronto MetroNews, the Globe and Mail, other Canadian Newspapers and also an online video. And then, another wonderful post came from the Torontoist.

So, now my story is out. It felt good to finally get it out. Along the way I kept looking for signs that I was taking the right path. And finally this week, I don't need to wonder anymore.

Thank you to everyone. Now, to be honest, it all sounds so positive, but it was a rocky road for me. Back in November, I was lost, angry, stressed and going through the same emotions that others in a similar situation would feel. But things that have amazed me along the way is:

1. How many people and connections I've made over the past few years. In the last few months, everyone has offered their help, ideas, advice and just referring me
2. It is very hard to run your own business, you are always working. But it is very rewarding to be your own boss.
3. I know I needed a kick in the pants to leave the corporate world - but it was the right time, I wasn't ready before. Everything I learned and experienced has been so useful in my new career paths.
4. I was lucky that I took the time to take courses, volunteer and do things for myself. I worked hard and I rewarded myself with those things. These helped to shape what I am doing now.
5. It is amazing to me how much support I get on my cake business with my co-workers at Goodlife Women's Club where I work. Even my clients and the club members. I really do have the 2 best jobs!

What has really stuck out in the last couple days is that strangers have sent me emails to tell me that the article inspired them or just to offer support and wish me success. Now that is a sweet thing! And I really do believe that if you want something, you are passionate about it and you are willing to work for it - you can definitely have it! Here are 2 of my examples:

1. I always had a fear of water and in 2005, I was determined to get over it. My first mini Triathlon was in Guelph where I had to swim 375m. I tried to drop out of the swim but it was too crowded to get help. I finished the swim 65th out of 68 women in my age group. In November 2008, I did my first Ironman despite being let go of my job 3 days prior.

2. My very first cake from Cake Decorating class at George Brown 2.5 years ago. Not the most attractive cake, but I loved every minute of making it. I hope this doesn't end up on CakeWrecks.

Enjoy your day everyone!


Teresa L said...

Great articles - way to go!

Jason said...

Great story and love the lessons that have come out of it.

Baker's Cakes said...

You are inspiring! I think posting your 1st cake is an awesome idea!!! Everybody can see how far you've come (and be inspired to do it themselves... I know I am)! Also, I'm still in awe of you overcoming the swim!!! I hope we can see your remodel process here in the states...

Clever Cupcake said...

congrats on the metro news article! i am not sure how the sentence about Clever Cupcakes got in there, but i'm honoured to be in such talented company :)

Sweet Things said...

Thank you! Just wanted to share a comment that I received from one of my clients

After reading the article, I placed a quote up on my fridge..."If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it."

Kaori said...

I see the Globe and Mail picked up your story today as well!:

It was great to meet you and I wish you the best of luck with everything.

lyndsay said...

hey you! my mother in law just showed me an article in the globe about a gal doing cool cakes. it's you!! awesome, congrats on the press! :)

Helen said...

Hi Juanita,

I found your article. Sad to say but I see no mention of George Brown College anywhere on that article and I am quite sure, you acquired most of your skills from the college and not from Bonnie Gordon.

Sweet Things said...

Helen - absolutely, it was George Brown College where I did most of my studies! It was mentioned in the Torontoist, but not by the Canadian Press unfortunately.

Helen said...

Well, I must apologize to you. I read only the Metro News article and it gave much undeserved credit to BG for your cake decorating education.

Good luck with you new business!