Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1970 Chevelle Cake

I love making car cakes. However, I must admit that they end up being a little shorter or fatter because I hate carving off so much cake - but I was reminded that carved cakes are an "artists rendition".

So, here is the 1970 Chevelle Cake I made this past weekend for a 30th surprise party. This is the car that is on the Fast and Furious movies - see pic below.

This cake was 3 layers of chocolate fudge cake with dark chocolate swiss meringue buttercream covered in fondant.  My favorite thing to make on cake cars is always the tires and its treads.

The weirdest thing was that after I delivered the cake - I swear I saw about 7 shined up Chevelles on the road.  They seemed to be everywhere.


Jacktels Kochbuch said...

For me this is absolute perfection in design. Big Respekt

Greeting Jacktel

ChickAdvisor said...

Wow - that's amazing!! I can't believe that can be done with cake!

Mere Rhetoric said...


And it sounds very yummy too.

Nada Handous said...

Another fine piece of work :)

veggievixen said...

adorable!!! surely any car slash dessert lover's dream.

The Essential Packaging Store said...

Fantastic cake!
Now if you could make a 1970's Corvette for my husband's birthday I would so grateful!! I told him I would get him his 'Vette one day so you would be helping me to keep my promise! Are you sure you can't move out to Vancouver?!?! Please!!!!!

Sweet Things said...

Thank you so much for your comments everyone!

Essential Packaging Store - I'd love to move out West!

julie desmeules said...

Wow... I think this is the best car cake I have ever seen, beautiful!

Cake Lady said...

How did you make the car sit up like that instead of being directly on the board??? That is an awesome cake.