Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Hot July Wedding

It was a very hot July day for a wedding whereby air conditioning is a must! However, when I delivered this cake, I had to assemble it on site because they wanted the cake on a stand - so it is difficult to transport it that way.

With the heat and mugginess in the place, the fondant ribbons were very difficult to put on. But even worse, there were no real lights in the place. It was super dim as the lighting was made up of Christmas lights and some mini-lamps on the tables. I couldn't see a thing. The people on site indicated that they just didn't have any other lights other then the emergency lights (which couldn't be turned on).

So, I know it doesn't sound that bad or look that bad, but it was a nightmare for me. I really wasn't happy with the result. And the worst part was that I couldn't see any of the flaws until I downloaded the pictures and the flash revealed it. Oh well - now I know to also ask if there are lights in the room that can be adjusted.

Cake Decorator's Tip: Ask if there is air conditioning in the facility AND whether there is enough lighting or you can control the lighting when you set up the cake.

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