Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can I put wires in a cake?

I have learned so many new techniques over the years, so I thought I'd pass along this tip that I learned early in my cake decorating career and I still stick by it.  I was told by one of my instructors that you should never put a wire directly in a cake.

Why?  Well, in rare cases, it may break and someone could ingest it.  No, I have never heard of it happening, but better to be safe even if you provide good instructions on how to disassemble a cake before serving.

What are the options?

#1 - Use a coffee stir stick to house all the wires.  This bowling cake has a starburst of many wires.  This monkey cake also shows the stir stick which makes it easy to disassemble before serving.
#2 - Wrap your wires with floral tape.  However, most floral tape have latex in it and you have to watch for latex allergies.  Have I ever heard of any allergic reactions?  No, but its better to be careful and inform the client.
#3 - Use Floral SpikesThese are usually used for fresh flowers, but I use this for sugarpaste flowers.  They are expensive, but worth it.   For this cake, they were easier to remove and preserve as the sugarpaste petals didn't touch the cake.
#4 - Dip in white chocolate or white candy melts.   If none of the above options works for your design, you can also dip the wire ends with white chocolate or white candy melts.

I hope you find these options helpful.  Again, it is rare that there are any issues, but I do this to be on the safe side.  Anybody do anything different?


faithy said...

What great tips!! thanks for sharing!

Have You Cake~On The Lighter Side said...

Love the tips! Love to see some more.

Pink Little Cake said...

Juanita, these are very helpful tips. I have to say that I do put wire directly inside the cake,all cake designers that I have taken classes with do it, but you are right, better be safe than sorry.

With Love & Confection said...

Thanks for the great tip!

Michael Venneri said...

Just as long as you don't forget they are there and bite into one... ouch.

SweetThingsTO said...

@Michael Venneri Yes, absolutely. You definitely should provide instructions on where the wires & dowels are so the client removes them and doesn't rely on their guests to.