Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fraggle Rock Cake: The Process

Today I wanted to share the process of how a custom designed cake comes together.  There is a lot of planning involved in cake design, even to provide a price quote.  For many cakes, the structures have to be built in advance or petals for sugar flowers started a couple weeks earlier.

For this Fraggle Rock cake, the main design was provided to me.  I added in a bottom tier and some extra characters as the cake needed to feed over 100 people.
© Henson
I started the sugarpaste decorations a week in advance.  I made sure I had lots of photos of the characters to use as inspiration.  My client provided me with these helpful plastic 3D characters to use as models.
There were a lot of colors involved in making the characters and you really have to get into the zoone of figure modelling.  I leave extra time to re-do any characters and sometimes make an extra one of a fragile item.  I probably worked 3 late nights to finish all the characters and details.
The day before, I iced my cakes with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream.  The bottom tier was 14" and the top tier was 11".  Each cake was 5 layers of alternating vanilla bean cake and chocolate sour cream cake.  Marjory was all cake too, except for her sugarpaste hands.
Everything started to come together with the top tier, I was very happy with the character sizes.  The cake was pretty heavy so I kept the tiers separate until the delivery.  Hope you enjoyed these pictures and have a great week!


Paula said...

This cake is wonderful. The process to create it is so labour intensive and you are so detail oriented. Only someone who loves this art form can masterfully execute it and it's obvious that you certainly do!

faithy said...

I love seeing your work in progress! This is such a fun cake and you nailed all the characters spot on! Seeing how you created it, makes it even more special! :D