Tuesday, November 20, 2012

4-tier Wedding Cake and a Set-up Tip!

I had the pleasure of making this elegant 4-tier wedding cake with handmade sugarpaste orchids (my favourite!!) and gold accents.  The cake was chocolate sour cream cake and strawberry vanilla cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream.
Here's another photo of the cake with flash.  Make sure you check out my facebook page to see the gorgeous photo that the bride posted.
Cake Decorators Tip:  Always bring a level tool!  Actually in this case, I didn't need a level because the cake table was ridiculously wobbly.  You spend so much time levelling each tier and stacking the cake perfectly, so it really sucks when the table is not level.

I will not mention the venue because they were very nice, as helpful as they could be and vowed to get a new table for cakes.  I'm not sure if you can see, but the table is a little "battered", on an elevated platform that also wasn't too steady and the resolution was actually a pad of paper tucked in all corners of the stand to keep it level.  However, in the end, I was satisfied with what they could do and they also allowed me to take photos of the paper-tucked table.

So, my tip is to have the venue help resolve the issue to your satisfaction and document it somehow.  If you are still uncomfortable, make sure you have the table moved to a different lower traffic area or set up the table somewhere else. 


Barbara said...

Very pretty Juanita.

Clementina e Davide said...


Jenniffer said...

Beautiful cake and great advice, Juanita! I have only had to intervene on a venue's setup a couple of times, but you just can't risk leaving your cake in an unsecured or wobbly location!

faithy said...

What a beautiful cake Juanita! It's breathtaking!! So niced that the venue helped you with leveling the table for setting!

lyndsay said...

oh dear! so stressful. but the cake turned out lovely and thankfully it all worked out!